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Buyer Beware – The Untold Story of Buying NJ Auto Insurance

By September 7, 2012February 23rd, 2021New Jersey Insurance, Personal Auto Insurance

So you got an auto insurance quote from a web site. Do the coverages match exactly what you have right now?

For many years it was standard practice of New Jersey Insurance Professionals and Companies to quote Personal Injury Protection coverage with a limit of $250,000. Lower limits are avaialble that result in lower premiums. But with the growing poplularity of buying insurance through a web site some companies and agents decided to use $15,000 as the standard limit.

As a result New Jersey consumers were getting lower insurance quotes, but did not realize they were buying less coverage.

Recently the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance stepped in to address this issue warning insurance companies and agents to do the right thing and offer $250,000 as the starting limit with options for lower limits.

At Rue Insurance we do something that a web site can’t do and that is talk about your coverage options and their respective impact. We build coverage custom made for you.

If you have an auto insurance quote and you are not sure it matches the coverage you currently have, give us a call at 1-800-272-4783 or drop us a line and we will call you.

Scott Harrigan

About Scott Harrigan

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