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Insurance Implications of the Weather Channel naming Winter Storms

A few months ago the Weather Channel decided to name winter storms to bring a greater awareness of them to the general public. Most recently they named what would traditionally be called a large nor’easter “Winter Storm Nemo.”

The need for “awareness” from the Weather Channel has caused some confusion among insurance consumers. There are insurance policies that include a “Named Storm” deductible. So naturally people look at their policy and think “Is a Winter Storm named after a beloved animated Clown Fish going to affect a claim I have from this storm?”

We have good news for you. The answer is no.

Named Storm deductibles (sometimes called Hurricane Deductibles) rely on the National Hurricane Center or the Central Pacific Hurricane of the National Weather Service naming a Tropical Storm or a Hurricane. And from the looks of it we do not expect the National Weather Service to get in to the business of naming Winter Storms.

Does your policy have a Named Storm deductible? Check it out and see what we are saying is true.

So the next time you hear about the Weather Channel naming a Winter Storm after Kobe Bryant, Luke Skywalker, or the New York Mets you don’t have to worry about your insurance policy.

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Scott Harrigan

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