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Reputational Risk More Prevalent Than Ever Before

By February 15, 2013February 23rd, 2021Business Insurance, New Jersey Insurance

A recent study suggests there is an 80% chance that a company will lose at least 20% of its equity value in a single month due to reputational damage.*

  • Customers are able to rapidly communicate their bad experiences through the internet and social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • A poor service review or an adverse experience with a product has the ability to reach thousands, known as going viral.
  • Insurance companies are beginning to include crisis management, expense reimbursement, and other potential PR reimbursements that can be added into certain policies.
  • Since coverage is fairly new it’s important that coverage forms are thoroughly analyzed.

What can a business do to prevent and respond?

  • Identify and assess areas where a threat to reputation can occur. Products liability is one area of concern, as well as, poor customer service experiences. Another area might be disgruntled and unhappy employees.
  • Implement a Reputational Risk Management plan. An effective plan will encompass prevention measures and contemplate effective responses during crisis.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the plan and update it for changes within the organization. The plan must at a minimum equip the company to communicate the corrective action taken, but also not exacerbate a situation and create additional liabilities.

The result, it’s a balancing act and many companies are not prepared to effectively deal with reputational risk. That’s why it’s important to have a risk management professional that can help implement a plan toward prevention and response. At Rue, our Risk Management professionals can help your company get in front of this very real business threat.

*Source:, October 7, 2012. Study Prepared by Oxford Metrica and sponsored by Aon P.L.C.

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