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How Do Insurance Companies Determine The Cost To Insure A Building?

By April 30, 2013February 23rd, 2021New Jersey Insurance

Probably one of the biggest questions we get asked at our agency is how much do you insure a commercial building. Insurance Company Underwriters rely on some basic criteria to determine the cost to rebuild. This criterion is:

1. Square footage of building
2. Number of floors
3. The occupancy of a building (Office space, warehouse, retail store, etc)
4. How the building is constructed (Walls made of wood vs. masonry walls, etc)

Think for a moment about what is not being asked. There are certain assumptions that are being made, such as:

1. Your building is on a slab of concrete
2. Your building is square or rectangle
3. There are no unique construction characteristics about your building. (Example: a solar panel system on a roof, computer room air conditioning, internal balconies, etc.)

If there is something you can take away from a conversation with your agent or insurance company it is that the insurance company gives you a basic monetary amount to rebuild. Further discussion needs to take place about your building’s unique characteristics which will affect the final value.

To get a more accurate figure you should hire an outside Insurance Appraiser who will go over the fine detail about your building. Insurance Underwriters will honor an Appraiser’s report.

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