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Snow & Ice Removal Insurance Coverage

Is the lack of Snow & Ice Removal Insurance Coverage freezing up your operation?

Snow & Ice Removal Coverage is excluded on most policies!

Ice & snow removal is often seasonal work, and something that businesses offer in addition to other services. A large percentage of snow removers are landscapers during other parts of the year. Whether your snow & ice removal business is an additional service to your primary business or a new, entrepreneurial venture, you’ll need a solid business insurance plan to protect your assets.

Below is a list of the top types of insurance we recommend for professionals in this wintry industry…

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Business Owner’s Policy
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance

Each of these policies can be adjusted to suit the scope of your snow & ice removal service, whether you own one plow or five salt trucks.

There are huge liabilities that are associated with snow and ice removal. One small example is if your leave a snow pile, it melts some, the runoff turns to ice on the sidewalk, and someone slips and sues. You would be at fault. You better have snow plow insurance.

To sum things up, the easiest way to put it and the best rule of thumb is this … If you get paid to do it, then you need snow plow insurance.

Does your current agent know where to find coverage? We Do!

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Please be advised that no coverage can be bound, changed, or cancelled without first speaking to a licensed agent.
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