Be Ready...

In business and in life, sometimes you just can't see it coming.

Risk in business is often like an iceberg. Sometimes you just can’t see it coming. A key employee mishap. A fire in your building. That’s why Rue Insurance offers an array of services that helps your business prepare for those unforeseeable times. You’ll be ready with Rue.

A Little About Rue

Helping our clients protect their assets for over 100 years

In business and in life, sometimes you just can’t see it coming. That’s why there’s Rue Insurance. We’ve been helping our clients protect their assets and improve their profitability for over 100 years.

Charles E. Rue founded Rue Insurance in 1917 in Windsor, NJ to help local farmers protect themselves from the devastating losses caused by fire. Under the direction of four generations of Rues, Rue Insurance has grown from a single coverage operation into a regional leader in risk and asset protection. Our more than 70 employees serve the insurance needs of over 8,500 individuals and 3,000 businesses with multiple lines of coverage in 44 states. We have the experience and capabilities to advise businesses large or small, new or established. All the while, Rue has maintained its commitment to personal and reliable service.

Be Ready with Rue™ is a commitment to help our clients identify potential risks and create a strategy that both reduces these risks and results in greater profitability. By establishing departments that focus on our major risk areas:

  • Business Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Safety Services
  • Personal Insurance

Rue is able to offer clients a Coordinated Asset Protection (CAP) Program. Our CAP Program will help your organization implement and administer your custom Risk Reduction Plan to Be Ready for that event you just don’t see coming.

Our Process

Our Continuous 4-Step Process Helps To Ensure That You Are Prepared For The Unexpected.

We operate in a constantly changing business and regulatory environment. A haphazard approach to insurance leads to gaps in coverage, inappropriate limits and higher costs.

At Rue Insurance, we have instituted a standard four-step process that helps to ensure that your insurance needs align with your changing business.

The purpose of our Risk Reduction Approach for business risks and Total Benefits Approach for employee benefit programs is to minimize your total cost of risk and improve your profitability.

Our four-step process is not a singular event; it is an ongoing system that can help decrease operating costs and fosters long-term relationships.


We continually take a fresh, in-depth look at your situation. Unlike many brokers, we don’t just build on your existing program, we start from square one. A thorough, complete review of the company is the ideal way to discover potential risks to our clients.


The discovery phase uncovers the information necessary to create a custom program for your business. This program will be designed to manage the risks your business may encounter.


Rue executes a plan of action tailored to your business. When followed throughout the year, this plan allows for an efficient approach to meeting defined goals and deadlines relevant to your company’s success.


Rue will refine the plan of action on a regular basis. Our continued involvement and interest in your business’ success displays our dedication to building a long-term relationship with you as our client. Too often, we find that mistakes and coverage gaps are perpetuated due to lack of communication and review. Our process helps to ensure that our clients are Ready should an incident occur.

Rue Client Experience


A unique, non-traditional approach to insurance


A single source for all insurance product needs


A comprehensive, 4-step process to identify and manage risk


A local institution for over 100 years

You (Our Clients)

A custom solution because it’s all about your needs

Celebrating Over 100 Years