Scott Harrigan

OSHA Increases Civil Penalty Amounts for 2019

Federal law requires the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to update their civil monetary penalties levels in January. OSHA announced the change on January 15, 2019; they are in effect as of January 23, 2019. Here is a summary...
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Why storm surge is a problem for New Jersey

Storm surge is a complex phenomenon that occurs when coastal water is pushed by powerful winds associated with hurricanes or tropical storms. High winds and low pressure created in the center of a hurricane or tropical storm cause water to...
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What Are The Benefits of D&O Insurance For Non-Profits?

Non-Profit Organization provide essential social services that benefit the community and their members. These organization cannot survive without a board of directors to make major decisions on behalf of the organization. However, even when acting in good faith, directors and...
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Useful tools to enhance your RV experience

You know that taking to the road in your RV is fun – that’s why you do it! But vacationing on the road can have its troubles, like dead batteries, flat tires and missed destinations because of wrong directions. Wouldn’t...
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Understanding the Volunteer Protection Act

To promote volunteerism, the Volunteer Protection Act (VPA) was signed into law in 1997. This act pre-empts existing, looser state laws protecting nonprofit volunteers, encouraging the public to participate in social service. Overview of the Volunteer Protection Act The VPA...
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The FBI Wants You To Reboot Your Router

Normally when you read something from the FBI you think of them going after organized crime or drug cartels. But a recent press release from the FBI are urging consumer and business owners to reboot their routers to prevent a Malware...
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