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How Would A Credit Freeze Impact My Insurance?

In 2017 Equifax had a massive data breach which resulted in many consumers having their credit information made public. One of the responses to managing ones confidential information is to place a credit freeze or security freeze with the major...
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Life Events That Affect Your Insurance Needs

As we age and reach different milestones in our lives, our insurance needs change. In order to ensure adequate coverage, contact your insurance broker if you’re affected by any of the following life events: New home ownership— Purchasing a new...
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Cyber Tips for Traveling

Staying safe while traveling involves more than simply locking your valuables in a hotel safe. Today, cyber crime is just as prevalent as conventional crime. In fact, your digital property may be more valuable to criminals than your personal property....
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Why Insurance Companies Don’t Understand People

I’m skeptical about insurance companies saying how great their insurance products are and how their products are exactly what people need. One time I had an underwriter from a major insurance company tell me about their new “Cyber” product that covered...
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The Risks of Airbnb and Home Sharing

Just a few years ago, taking a trip involved contacting travel agencies, booking hotel rooms and making plans far in advance. Today, however, smartphones and the internet have helped create new sharing services that allow homeowners to connect with travelers...
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