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Do You Have A Hurricane Plan?

According to the National Hurricane Center Hurricane Matthew is currently below Cuba showing a storm track heading north. At this point the storm is too far out to predict if it will affect New Jersey or not.  It is wise to revisit your plans or create a plan of what you are going to do if a large storm like Matthew makes its way to our area.

Many will think that those who live along the Jersey Shore would have to pay the most attention to storms. Let me warn those who live further inland do not be lulled into that kind of thinking.

During Super Storm Sandy we saw many towns further inland affected by hurricane winds and flooding. Take Princeton for example we had many clients who suffered losses from trees falling on houses and vehicles.  Many towns saw a disruption in electric power from trees hitting power lines.

In Sayreville and South River parts of the town near the Raritan River saw flooding that has not been seen in years. Parts of Sayreville were without power for over two weeks.

When it comes to making an evacuation plan it doesn’t have to be complex. You can start with four basic points:

  1. Where are you going to go?
  2. What are you taking with you?
  3. Who are you going to contact?
  4. How are you securing your home or apartment?

When it comes to staying where you live, keep these points in mind:

  1. What supplies do you need to have on hand?
  2. What do you need to do if the power goes out?
  3. How do you secure your home or apartment?

There are some resources online that you can access:

  1. FEMA has a smart phone app that you can use to help prepare and survive a natural disaster, in addition to other resources such as weather alerts and finding a local shelter after a storm.
  2. FEMA also has checklists that cover the basics before, during, and after a storm, along with how to make an emergency plan and a basic disaster supply kit.

Having a plan ahead of time of what you are going to do is not a waste of time. It can make a difference in times of emergency.

Scott Harrigan

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