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Free Human Resources Advice from an Insurance Company?

A little unknown benefit of buying an Employment Practices Liability policy is access to resources to help you prevent employment related claims from happening. And what’s amazing is this information is given you free of charge courtesy of your insurance company.

Many insurance carriers who provide Employment Practices Liability Insurance provide their policy holders access to such valuable information such as:

  • A Toll Free Hot Line to discuss employment related matters with a Human Resources Expert or Lawyer.
  • A web site that provides you with access to sample employee handbooks and procedures.
  • Summary of Employment Related Laws by state and federal regulations.
  • Internet Based Training in employment related issues such as sexual harassment or discrimination.
  • Handouts for your employees to help them understand employment related issues.
  • Email digest of employment related issues from around the globe.

Insurance carriers who specialize in underwriting this coverage provide these services to help their customer prevent a claim from ever happening. To some business owners and Human Resources department managers these resources are worth more than the price of the insurance policy.

Check out your policy and see if your company provides these services. If your insurance company does not provide these coverages, chances are you may have a sub-standard policy. (Hint give us a call we can get you the policy you need!)

Scott Harrigan

About Scott Harrigan

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