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Rue Insurance Donates to No Limits Café: Q1 2021 Community Engagement Referral Program

No Limits Café (NLC) was our Q1 2021 Community Engagement Referral Program partner. No Limits Café is nonprofit lunch café employing people with intellectual disabilities located in Middletown, NJ. Their mission is to empower adults with intellectual disabilities by providing jobs and job training to help these individuals lead fulfilling lives and to increase awareness of their potential. No Limits Café relies heavily on donations, such as the funds raised from this program, to help them continue to fulfill their mission: to employ and train those with intellectual disabilities.

Our goal as an organization is to support causes that mean a lot to our community. No Limits Café holds a special place in one of our employee’s hearts, so we felt that it was a great fit to partner with No Limits Café. You can learn more about our employee’s personal experience with No Limits Café by watching the launch video:

“Thank you to everyone who participated by giving referrals and helping to raise money for No Limits Café,” said John Warn (featured above).

“This Community Engagement Referral Program has been exceptionally fun to participate in and personally rewarding because I know that our efforts are going towards great, local non-profits. Mark and Stephanie at No Limits Café have been lifelong friends and I’m extremely proud to support them in their mission at No Limits Café: to employ and train those with intellectual disabilities.”

John continued to say “all donations are currently going towards their “Help for Hunger” program. They are currently supplying over 300 meals per week to local Seniors, homeless shelters, and other community members. In December 2020, they received a $30,000 gift to help support their cause. This $30,000 gift has been exhausted, but they have been able to sustain supplying over 300 meals per week through donations like this from the Community Engagement Referral Program with Rue Insurance and from other supporters.”

“Thank you to everyone who participated this past quarter by giving referrals and to both No Limits Cafe and Rue Insurance for running this program.”

Learn more about our Community Engagement Referral Program.

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