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Would Your Insurance Cover You In A Jurassic World?

By June 16, 2015February 23rd, 2021Homeowners Insurance, Personal Auto Insurance

Make no mistake about it folks, Dinosaurs are not human friendly. Sure they may “appear” to make good pets and my 3 year old son would LOVE to have one, but these prehistoric animals can’t be domesticated.

So what would happen if Dinosaurs roamed the earth today and they “Interacted” with your home or auto? By interacted I mean caused some serious damage. We took these hypothetical questions to the Rue Insurance Lab for testing and analysis. Here are our findings:

  1. A Brachiosaurus comes to your backyard and eats your prize rose bushes. Are your flowers covered? Unfortunately, no. A standard homeowner’s policy would only cover flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs for such perils as fire, lighting, explosions, vehicles of others, or aircraft.
  2. A Pterodactyl falls out of the sky and crashes into your shed. The shed and the contents inside are destroyed. Yes, you are covered! A standard homeowner’s policy comes with coverage for “other structures” on your property and also the property within.
  3. A Triceratops goes on a mad rampage and smashes your parked car, sending it flying in the air and smashing to the ground. If you have Comprehensive coverage you would be covered for this. But get a police report because if you do not’ report it to the police then it would be covered under Collision coverage. Why is the police report important? Without it the insurance company will assume it’s a hit and run accident and that is covered by Collision.
  4. A Tyrannosaurs Rex comes walking through your backyard causing the ground to shake. The ground shaking caused by this animal damages your house. Are you covered or not? There was some serious debate among the lab technicians, but we came to the conclusion that this would not be covered due to the “earth movement” exclusion under a homeowner’s policy. Earth movement is an all encompassing word that includes such things as Earthquakes, Landslides, Mudslides, Sinkholes, and other forms of earth movement caused by nature or by humans.
  5. That same Tyrannosaurs Rex not only destroys your house but your dog is now mysteriously missing. Remember this kind of Dinosaur is carnivorous. Is your dog covered? We hate to be the bearer of bad news but animals, fish and birds that you own are not covered.

So let’s be grateful that we do not live amongst the dinosaurs.

Scott Harrigan

About Scott Harrigan

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