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Rue Insurance Donates to It’s A Ruff Life Rescue: Q4 2020 Community Engagement Referral Program

It’s A Ruff Life Rescue (RLR) was our Q4 2020 Community Engagement Referral Program partner. It’s A Ruff Life Rescue is an all-breed dog rescue committed to adoption, education, and high-quality care for dogs that have had ‘ruff’ beginnings.

With the challenges of the COVID-19 2020 pandemic, It’s A Ruff Life Rescue was greatly affected. Their two largest fundraising events were unfortunately canceled in 2020, so it was especially important to us to support them during these challenging times. RLR will use the money from this program to help defray the cost of medical care, rehabilitation, food, and toys to pets in need.

Our goal as an organization is to support causes that mean a lot to our community. It’s A Ruff Life Rescue holds a special place in one of our employee’s hearts, so we felt that it was a great fit to partner with RLR. You can learn more about our employee’s personal experience with RLR by watching the video:

“Thank you to everyone who participated by giving referrals and helping to raise money for It’s A Ruff Life Rescue,” said Eddy Scanlan (featured above).

“This Community Engagement Referral Program has been exceptionally fun to participate in and personally rewarding because I know that our efforts are going towards great, local non-profits. It was especially exciting because Monkee, my dog featured in the launch video [above], is an essential part of our family and it wouldn’t be the same without her.”

“If it wasn’t for It’s A Ruff Life Rescue, we would have never gotten to meet Monkee and adopt her. Thank you to It’s A Ruff Life Rescue and to Rue Insurance.”

Learn more about our Community Engagement Referral Program.

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