child with destroyed art taking a selfie of himself

Things You Can Be Sued For: Your Child Accidently Destroys Art Work

It only took a matter of seconds for a child to accidently knock down a piece of sculpture at a community center in Overland Park, KS.  Video surveillance shows the child grabbing on to the artwork, puts his arms around it, then shortly afterwards starts to fall. 

According to The Kansas City Star  the artwork was on loan to the city of Overland Park who had it on display.  The child was attending a wedding reception and was running around unsupervised.

The city filed a claim to their insurance company, who in turn put a claim against the homeowners or renters insurance policy of the parents of the child who damaged the sculpture.

In the end, the parent’s insurance policy paid $107,000 to the insurance company of the City of Overland Park.

When you buy a homeowner, renters, or condominium insurance policy coverage includes liability for damage to other people’s property.  In this case because the child was a minor, the parents are responsible for their actions. 


A standard insurance policy would include $100,000 of coverage but insurance companies will allow you to buy higher limits up to $500,000.  If you want even higher limits you have to purchase a personal umbrella policy.


The amazing thing about the cost of liability coverage is it is very inexpensive for the amount of coverage you can buy.   But the protection is well worth it; Ask the family of this child.

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