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When A Ring Goes Down The Drain

When a bride-to-be accidentally flushed her engagement ring down the toilet her neighbors came to the rescue by digging a hole in her front yard, opening the drain pipe, and flushing out the ring with water. Here’s a link to the news story on Twitter.

I’m very happy for this woman, but I also realize that not all of us have such good neighbors or even live in a home where this kind of rescue would be possible.

Recently, one of our employees was washing dishes in his kitchen sink. Next to the sink was a glass with soapy water in it.  He dumped the water down the drain and washed the glass.  After his work was completed he turned on the garbage disposal and heard a really weird metallic sound.  He thought it was a spoon but when he probed around the drain he couldn’t find anything.

Later on he and his wife were driving to the store when she realized she didn’t have her engagement ring on. His mind rushed back to that metallic sound in the sink.  Soon he discovered that the glass with soapy water had had his wife’s engagement ring in it.

A contractor came in to take the garbage disposal apart. He found the mangled ring and the main diamond.  However, some smaller diamonds were missing.  But his story, like the bride-to-be who flushed her ring down the toilet, has a happy ending.

Our employee had scheduled the ring on his homeowner’s policy which gave him extra coverage for mistakes. If the bride-to-be had done the same thing to her ring she would have been covered.

Buying specific coverage for jewelry on your homeowner’s, renters, or condominium insurance policy will provide protection for pretty much everything that could possibility happen with 4 exceptions: 

  1. Wear and tear, gradual deterioration or inherent vice
  2. Insects or vermin
  3. War
  4. Nuclear Hazard

For our employee who was able to get the ring repaired it cost $4,000 for a new ring and new setting. But yet the cost to insure that ring, whose full appraised value was much higher than the repair, was $120.00 a year.

If you asked him was it worth paying $120 a year to insure his ring he would tell you absolutely.

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Scott Harrigan

About Scott Harrigan

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